What are your characteristics compared to other companies?

  1. Our prices are much more suitable than our other colleagues in producing a product of the same quality.
  2. With efficient production methods that are the result of our years of experience at Artafen, we have satisfied both our customers and the talented artists with whom we produce our customers’ orders.

Do you accept the order to produce a project with 3D technique or combined with 2D?
Yes. We have both 2D and 3D production departments. we have done 3D serials and movies.

Do you also work in the game industry?

Yes. We have the ability to produce games in Artafen, but until today, we have cooperated with production companies in the departments related to character design, rigging, animating and environment design.

Do you accept the order of a part of the production of a film or series? For example, only pre-production or only production or post-production?

Yes, we at Artafen have such collaborations with other animation and film production companies in various projects. Occasionally, we have only done composite work and special effects for a film. Sometimes with work in pre-production of a project, we have done animation work, or we have been responsible for the animate part of a series only.

What is the order registration method?

You can give us your contact information and a brief description of your project by email or by message on Artafen’s LinkedIn page. If you need more information, we will ask you and then make an appointment with you in person or online.
You can also send your messages from the contact us section.

How do you control the details of a project remotely?

We have a suitable production pipeline for each project, all the steps of which are clearly defined, and the client and the employees at Artafan can understand the work process very well.